Dog Backpacks

Dog Backpacks are great for treks and hikes - allowing your dog to carry some of their own gear (food, leads, etc).  They are also popular as a dog training tool - a rucksack for your dog can give them a 'sense of purpose' / focus, and to help high energy dogs expend energy. 

We stock Ruffwear Dog Backpacks as we love the quality and durability of the range, and how they sit comfortably and stably on your dog.   There are 3 styles available:

  • Approach Pack - A popular recreational day-pack that is great for shorter day hikes or over-nighterers.
  • Singletrak Pack - A streamlined low-profile, lightweight pack that comes with 2 removable water bladders. 
  • Palisades Pack - A full-featured pack designed for multi-day hikes.   The removable & very spacious saddlebags also hold 2 removable water bladders. Designed for fit & experienced larger dogs.

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